Saturday, June 14, 2014

Date # 3!!! Shit is gettin' serious here!

Who: Geeky 27 year old musician. ( Real job: computer programmer )
When: Last night
What: watched some really bad movies and made fun of them including Heavy Metal and The Room.
Beard level: High potential. It seems like he might be growing one but it's in that scruffy not quite a beard but not just scruff stage. Some chest hair but no rug.
Sexy Body Level: His bum is adequate. ( a friend asked about it. I am not really a bum girl ) Need to work on the guns a bit as I am definitely an arm girl.
Tattoo/piercing level - Just starting, but it is a good start.
Date # 3

Things I learned: He's incredibly sarcastic, which is great, because I am too and there is no worry of offending.

The Room is the worst movie ever made. I mean it, don't watch it, unless you really enjoy watching terrible movies ( which I do ).

He is fascinated by Juggalo culture from an anthropology stand point. Yes, the ICP Juggalo culture ( although he is not part of it ). And I learned that it is a much bigger thing then I realized it was and that makes me hate this world a little bit.

He has a whole collection of socks in funny patterns and colours. I don't think any of them are just plain white or black.

He's done quite a bit of travelling.

Conclusion: Will keep him around. He's completely adorable in a odd, nerdy, some what awkward way that I can't quite pin point, but I find him interesting and fun to be around. He's very much a hipster which makes me laugh a bit. Seems to have gotten a bit better at the kissing part.

Any other particular part of the date or person you think I should be reviewing? Send me a comment or message and let me know what it is. The wackier the better, I say.

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