Saturday, June 14, 2014

My One and Only....first post.

Here it is, by popular demand!!!

Date Night with Victoria. 

What: reviews of the dates I go on
When: within 24 hours of said date
Who: the men I date
Where: depends on what we did
Beard Potential: because this is important stuff here ( also including body hair )
What I learned: the things I discovered about above mentioned date.
Conclusion: because you asked for it and people seem to have am interest in my love life. ( also I like to think I'm entertaining and witty )

I have recently returned to the dating scene ( within the last month ) after almost 2 years of no dating. Why did I not date for 2 years you ask? Because I didn't feel like it. I was and still am happy being single but I would like to get laid once in a while and I would like to have a someone in my life that I can hang out with, chat with and maybe get a hug on those " I Need A Hug " days. Because so many people ask how my dates go I had started to review them on my facebook page. It was suggested that I create a blog for them instead, so here I am, so the whole world can know and follow my love life ( or lack of if that's the case )

I wont go back and completely review each date I've had previous to the first one I will post here, but I will give you a quick run down of them.

Who: Guitar playing physics teacher
What: An evening at the Legislature where he serenaded me under the stars.
Beard potential: HIGH. very high
Outcome: Stood me up once, saw him again and then haven't heard from him.

Who: Ontario Guy
What: Hung out, made out, etc.. etc...( has a thing for kissing red lips )
Beard potential: I'm thinking on the low end.
Outcome: Went back to Ontario but come to E-town periodically for work. Still chat via text and will see him again when he's in town next. GREAT KISSER!

Who: Intense Question Guy
What: Starbucks then a walk, chatted, asked me some very intense questions
Beard potential: Moderate
Outcome: I decided he was too intense for me. Had to let him go.

Who: Star Trek Lover
What: A walk and talk and then a hang out at my place ( 2 dates )
Beard potential: Low
Outcome: Great guy. Would love to have him a friend but no sexual attraction on my end.


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