Thursday, July 3, 2014

Robot Man!

Date Review Time! 

Who: Robot Man ( he works with robots that measure things in great detail and create 3-D models )
When: 9:45 pm Wednesday ( technically yesterday )
What: Had various drinks ( namely tea ) at Remedy on Jasper Ave.
Beard Level: Excellent. He has a full but short beard. I feel I may have convinced him to grow a long one.
Sexy Level: Depends on what you find sexy. He has a hairy chest, which is good. He's a bit chubby,                                which I like. ( Sorry, Joe, I didn't really take note of the bum on this one. We were                                        sitting most of the time. ) I would put him in the lower end of sexy though.
Gentleman Level ( I'm adding this in because I feel it's important ): Fairly high. Walked me to my car                                and gave me a nice hug with a respectful kiss on the cheek.
Bad Ass Level ( I'm also adding this because reasons ): No tattoos or piercings. But he used to smoke                          a LOT of weed. I put this fairly low though.

Things I learned: He used to smoke a lot of weed but not anymore.
                             He used to live just off Whyte Ave, he now lives over where I used to live in the S.E.                                    (WHY???!!!)
                             He talks a lot more online and in text then he does in real life ( which is probably a good                                thing )

Robot Man works with robots. He programs these robots to measure things very ( and I stress VERY ) precisely. I say things because he measures a variety of things.

He measured the Grey Cup once. He also measured a moose hoof. So there's that.

He spared me the boring stuff about his job, which I appreciate. He doesn't find it boring but recognizes that most people would. Thanks, Robot Man.

I think I talked more then he did. He's very easy to talk to. We talked about our jobs, roller derby ( surprise!!! ), racism ( yes ) and space ( a bit ). The place closes at midnight. They basically had to shove us out the door. I think he's a really good guy.  He compliments me on my manner of dressing numerous times and complimented my hair a couple times as well.

He bought me my iced chai with almond milk. He got up and ordered it for me and brought it to me. He got it right. Well done, Robot Man.

So, that was good.

He wore his favourite shirt. That's nice, you think. It was a black button up with two leopard print strips down each side of the chest. They were furry. I touched them.

How do I know it was his favourite shirt? He told me. In a text, before I got there, so I would recognize him. He owns a fedora as well, but did not wear it. I think he was wearing pants though. I can't really remember what they looked like as we were sitting down the whole time, but I am SURE he was wearing them. He must have been, right?



Moving on.

All in all, it was a good experience. I had a great time talking with him. We have some things in common, some not, which is just fine in my books. He's worth a second date but I'm not sure there's physical attraction on my end but I'm willing to see.

The furry leopard print better not be a regular thing though.

Oh! He's 39, I went the other way on this one.

I feel like baking some corn bread right now, at 1:32 AM, on a Thursday morning. Yup. That's what I'm going to do.

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