Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Make or break..

Yesterday, I saw the geeky 27 year old musician. We had lunch. It was good, food was good, conversation was good, etc.

This morning, at 10 am, he calls me and kind of dumps me ( If you can dump somebody you'ren ot even really dating ). Why? I may be too old for him.

Yup, I may be too old for him.

I was half asleep so I kind of laughed and said ok.

He still wants to be friends. I said ok.

I went back to sleep.

I am actually a little relieved because after yesterday, I wasn't sure where this was heading at all. He did the dirty work for me. Which is great!

Maybe I am too old for him, but, little boy, you fail to realize that that's a very good thing, not the bad thing you think it is.

Let's see how young the next one is.

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